Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A night at the museum

It was a late night Sunday at the Old Town Hall Museum working on a mounting and display frame for the Pond Dakota Album Quilt.  I had a lot of help from Hubby, and he even took photos!
Here you can see the back side of the frame that he made.  I'm bent over the frame attaching cotton cording to stretch across the frame and hold the muslin tight.  Hubby used the ratchet straps to hold things together until the cording was pulled tight.  We didn't staple the muslin to the frame because we want to be able to take the frame completely apart for storage when the quilt is not on display.

Frame is turned right side up and the fragile quilt laid out so the folds will relax.  Next weekend I begin carefully hand sewing the quilt to the muslin.  Those old marching band white cotton gloves have come in handy!  The Museum can't afford museum glass or acrylic right now, so I'm working on an idea to use a layer of bridal tulle netting to keep people from touching the quilt, and yet allow them to see it fairly well.  The goal is to have it on display by February 22, 2015 when there will be a presentation about Quilts and the Underground Railroad at the Museum.

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