Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What was I thinking?

This weekend I couldn't take my big quilt project with me so as I headed out the door on my way to the cabin I quickly grabbed a bag that contained fabric for a quilt I had started a REALLY long time ago.  When I had time to quilt awhile I opened it up. 

Inside was the magazine with instructions, fabric and some pieces already cut and put into a plastic bag.  Obviously, they were meant to be the flying geese called for in the pattern and so I spent quite a bit of time pieceing them up.  But... when I put them along side the center block to make a star they didn't even come close to fitting.   

I'm not sure what I was thinking!  Did I cut them the wrong size?  Do they need to be trimmed?  The instructions don't give a size to 'square up' to.  Ok, I have to admit I'm guilty of not using the same method of making flying geese as they recommended.  AND I used the sewing machine at the cabin, which doesn't make a very accurate 1/4 inch seam.  But they shouldn't be this far off, should they?   At any rate, it brought my weekend quilting to a screeching halt.

The pattern is 'Anna's Hands' from Quiltmaker magazine Nov/Dec 2007.  And I think I may have started it the summer following that, so it's been a UFO for a long time!  Looking closely at this I realize I have another problem.  My toile print is clearly directional, and the one in the magazine is floral.  Half my toile blocks need to be on point, so will not be 'square' to the quilt.  I'm wondering if this will work out at all, or if I should come up with another plan and try and make it fit the blocks I have cut.   As much as I LOVE the original pattern, I don't think this is working out for me.  Well, back in the bag it goes for now.  I have two other quilts to get finished first, and loads of company coming this summer to visit.  Just don't have time to solve this puzzle right now.


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