Monday, June 4, 2012

Mystery Quilt 6 top finished!

The quilt top is finished!  My version of the Quilters Club of America Mystery Quilt 6 is a true scrap quilt.  Not even one full width-of-fabric strip except for background muslin and blue borders.  There are three or four different muslins used for background.  One is a fairly loose weave and it's probably not going to hold up as well as the others.  Had to scramble at the end, I was short two 'diamond' blocks for the border and had to scrounge up fabric for two more last night.  I've completely emptied my gallon bag of 2 1/2 inch fabric scraps except for whites and lights.  And the 4 1/2 inch bag is low as well since much of it went into the four-patch blocks in the border.  The royal blue border was a curtain panel that my mother had sewn up to cover the shelves where her fabric was stored. It's only a slightly heavier weight than the rest, but not too noticeable. I'm so glad I came across it in my stash.  The color helps bring out the blues even though there are a lot of pink blocks in there.  Our son helped with the block arrangements, and has claimed this one for his new apartment, so I'd better get it quilted up right away.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Beautiful use of scraps! Congrats on a finished top!