Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Quilting Holiday

Lake cabin and garage/barn 
July has been a busy month, and we were able to spend a week at our lake cabin in central Minnesota.  I brought several unfinished projects up and was able to make good progress on all of them!  That will at least give me something to write about for the next few posts. (smile)

We brought up an old desk and dresser from my parent's house to make a quilting space at the cabin.   I thought I'd share with you the wonderful view from my new quilting area which is upstairs in the 'barn'.  

It's not really a barn... just a garage for the car, boats and canoes, lawn mowers and storage, plus a workshop for Hubby.
lake side view
road side view- the railing is so that no one accidentally
walks out the door since there's no balcony.

It's a wonder I'll get anything done with such a lovely view!  But it's nice to finally have a place to set up my sewing machine and leave it up for a while.  Usually I sew/quilt at the dining table, and then have to put everything away whenever meal times come along.  And we often want to use the table for board games or cards in the evenings. Having a separate space to sew will be so much better don't you think?  

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