Thursday, July 17, 2014

Solstice time

Here's another unfinished project that got some attention last week at the Lake.  Celtic Solstice!

All the blocks are now sewn together.  It's time to figure out borders.  The first will be a narrow white border.  The last will be Kelly green.  (I have enough for a 4 inch border all around, but perhaps I'll head to JoAnn Fabrics some time soon and see if they have more, or if there is another green that will work better.)

As for how to piece a border to go between them....well, it's still a puzzle.  I just know that I want to try something different than the yellow and blue arrows that Bonnie Hunter used in the original, but I'm feeling a little lazy.  I do mysteriously have a lot of the yellow and red pinwheels left over.  Maybe they will find their way into the border.

Oh, and I just realized as I hit the post button that this is my 200th blog post! 

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