Friday, July 18, 2014

Market Day progress

When I headed up north last week, these little blocks were all done and ready for the next step in a Sew Along.

When I got home I was eager to go to Pam Buda's blog Heartspun Quilts and see how they were to go together.  Yep, it was a surprise!  I do love how she puts different simple elements together to make such pleasing designs.

Here's my version so far....

It will have a royal blue binding to corral that red border.  I went to deep, deep stash for that fabric.  Something with tiny red, yellow and blue flower buds straight out of Holly Hobby and the 1970's.  I never thought I'd ever use that when I brought it home from my mother's stash of fabrics, but it was just perfect for this project.  The shade of orangy-red plays so nicely with the other reds in the quilt.  Surprise!

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