Friday, January 16, 2015

Find of the day

Many quilters sing the praises of fabrics from Liberty of London.  Along with the high quality comes a high price.  But today I was browsing through the small section of fabric at a local second-hand (thrift) shop and came across a real find!

Four yards of cotton fabric with a very soft feel.  The colors and print were a William Morris floral/art deco type print.  But a glance at the selvage showed.... you guessed it...Liberty of London!  And the price tag for the whole four yards?  $6.00.

My stash report is now set back by four yards, because this was just too good to pass up!  The colors are not ones I generally choose, but I may be able to find a Barbara Brackman pattern that will be perfect for this print.  Or maybe a kaleidoscope pattern?  That could be interesting.  I'm taking suggestions!


  1. Well done! What a bargain find - reckon you've saved yourself $100!

  2. Or more, what a fantastic score!