Monday, January 5, 2015

First finish of 2015

It didn't take long to have a finished quilt in 2015.  Only the binding was left at year-end, so I brought Bonnie Hunter's 'Oklahoma Backroads' up to the lake on New Year's Day to work on in my free time.  It was a leader-ender project and I used 3 inch blocks and strips from my scrap bag.  The backing is polar fleece, so it's light weight and warm.
While hubby was ice fishing I cut and stitched the binding. 

The blue border just pops against the snow!  It was so windy that I had trouble getting the quilt to lay flat for a photo.  I must have tried 10 times, and this was the best shot.

A few minutes later I snapped this sunset - the first sunset of 2015.
Last year I decided to take a sunset photo as often as I could when we were up at the Lake.  It was fun to do, and I think I'll keep it up this year.   Here's a link to see some of them:

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  1. The next best thing to quilt pictures is sunsets. I've a few hundred or so on a flash drive. Nothings like the real thing though. Years ago when I lived in town, every night I would drive over to the industrial park(about a mile from my house) and park in an abandoned lot to watch the sunset. After a few weeks of this a Barney Fife started parking at the entrance of the drive blocking incoming traffic...bummer! Now we have a beautiful view right off the front porch, every other year the cornfield blocks part of my view until harvest time.