Saturday, January 3, 2015

Grand Illusion progress

Original Grand Illusion
Grand Illusion is coming along, but I'm at a crossroads.  I love Bonnie Hunter's designs, her colors, her scrappy, happy quilts.  But my Grand Illusion is looking really busy.  I mean really, Really busy.  Is it the values of the red that I used instead of a lighter pink?   Am I just too close to the quilt?  I do notice that it's a little easier looking at the photo than looking at the quilt top in person.

After the green and white checkerboard sashings went on, I started having a hard time seeing the main blocks, and I just can't see any secondary pattern at all.

I'm wondering if I should make a few design adjustments so that I can appreciate the blocks a bit more.  In the photo below I laid green fabric on top of some of the checkerboard sashing to see what it might look like.  (It would go all along the edges as well.)

Green sashing option
What do you think?  
I might be able to incorporate the checkerboard sections in an additional border.  This will be a half-size version of Grand Illusion, so there will be 12 blocks in all, set 3 x 4, and it could handle extra borders.   It will have to hang on the design wall for a few days while I puzzle it out.  I really want to LOVE this quilt when it's done!

Please leave me a comment.  All input will be appreciated!


  1. Personally, I like it without the sashing--there is a cool hidden, twisty woven thing going on when the blocks are set together. I sat this one out since I haven't finished last years(or the year before!), but printed out all the steps in case I get them done--ha! I really like how your blocks turned out!

  2. Hi Fellow Minnesotan, Have to admit I am kind of on the fence about which setting is better. Not sure which I like better. I think the one without the sashing has more to say but sometimes a picture doesn't tell the whole story.
    I am finishing up Celtic Solstice so only have very little start on Grand Illusion. Hope to cut it all out and then sew on it at retreat.