Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy Street Blocks

Woo Hoo!  The first two Easy Street Blocks are done!

There's still lots of piecing to do because I am quite a ways behind, but forged ahead and put two whole blocks together to make sure I was going to like the color placement and choices.

How could I go wrong?  After all this IS a Bonnie Hunter design.  She does such a marvelous job of creating scrappy quilt designs that look great no matter what!

So her scrappy White/Black is my White/Navy (3 different fabrics),
her Grey is my Navy,
her scrappy Turquoise is my medium Blue (2 fabrics so not scrappy),
her scrappy Apple Green is my dark Green (yes, I had enough to be scrappy here)
and her Purple is my Red (only one fabric but from deep stash - 1995 ish)

I'm liking how it looks so far!  Check Bonnie's link to see what fabric choices some other quilters have made for their Easy Street Quilt.  The variety is amazing!  Be patient, it took a long time to load on my computer - probably because of all the links to view the quilts.


  1. Your color scheme is so intriguing! I think it is going to be a beautiful quilt! Love that pop of red! Best wishes!

  2. Very unique color choice...looking good!

  3. The red looks fantastic! I think the whole thing will be wonderful.

  4. Your version is very pretty and unique. I love seeing what different combinations look like when assembled. We are at about the same stage, and I had to make some color changes when I got one block A & B assembled. I lacked the nice contrast your red gives this quilt. Keep plugging along. We will get there! : )