Sunday, January 6, 2013

Redwork update

A Redwork Christmas is finished - or at least the top is all pieced.   I worked hard this weekend to get it finished because I have a couple other quilting projects that are about to take priority.  Here's what it looks like now.  Don't you just love crisp red and white!!!  

The hunt for more red fabric was interesting.  Nearly all the red from my de-constructed Christmas quilt from 1984 was used, and I found two more small pieces (just under a yard each).  One is the exact color of the older fabric and I was able to use it for top and bottom borders.  The other is a shade darker and will be used for binding.

The pattern is from 'Country Quilts for friends' by Margaret Peters & Anne Sutton. 

The Redwork is machine embroidery.  Here are a few closeups:

According to my calculations I used 4 1/3 yards of fabric, all from my stash for the completed top.   That's the way to start the year out right!   I've decided to count fabric as 'used' as soon as it's cut and pieced.   Small steps of progress are much more encouraging than waiting until a quilt is completely finished to count the fabric as 'used'.  So count 9 more yards for Easy Street which is now all cut out and ready to sew.   On the other hand, in late December I purchased 25 yards fabric for three quilts which will be made and given as gifts this year.   It's only fair to count that in my 2013 fabric log.  I plan to get started on those this month.

New this month:  25 yards
New this year: 25 yards

Used this month:  13 1/3 yards from stash
Used this year:  13 1/3 yards

net: 12 2/3 yards

A little late for Friday, but still linking up to share a finish at 'Can I get a Whoop Whoop?'  Hope you can take a look there at some of the other wonderful projects finished this week.

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