Monday, January 14, 2013

U-turns on Easy Street

Last night after our kids had headed back to their respective homes and DH was settled down to a football game on TV, I pulled out my block sections to work on Easy Street.

It seemed that what ever I did, half had to be ripped out again!  Sew 5 patches together into a row... Sew 2 rows together....oops sewed on the wrong side.  Rip out.  And so it went.

As much as I thought I was paying close attention, apparently I wasn't. When I finally ripped off a block that I thought was wrong, but was actually just fine, I knew it was time to stop!

But today is a new day, and the 9 B-blocks are done!  Here they are.  Don't they look great just by themselves?  But I'm not going to be tempted to quit here! There are more A-blocks on the schedule for today and then dinner with my High School girlfriends.

Yep, it's nearly 40 years since our graduation, but the 7 of us still try and keep in touch.  One has moved out of state, and another isn't available this time, but 5 of us will be getting together.  We've tried to connect like this a few times each year, and otherwise it's Christmas Cards, but over the years we've always been there for one another - as divergent as our paths have taken us. 

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