Monday, January 21, 2013

King's Highway

Are you one of the lucky ones to have today as a Holiday?  Today is set aside (at least for U.S. government workers and students) to honor the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The traditional block called "King's Highway" has a fitting name to help recall the journey toward civil rights in the United States, and the road Dr. King walked toward his dream of racial equality for all.

It's a large block, and measures 18 inches square when made with 2 inch blocks. But it's not very difficult.  If you have time to quilt awhile this week, perhaps a single King's Highway block with some borders would make a nice doll quilt.

I selected a nice floral print from my 2 inch scrap bag along with several coordinating colors, and one piece from my 5 inch scrap bag.  The 4 and 8 inch lengths will be sewn and sub-cut, so I'm usually a little generous cutting those lengths.
Floral: cut (2) 2x4,  cut (1) 2x8, cut (12) 2x2
Dk green: cut (4) 3.5x5
Red: cut (2) 2x8
Purple: cut (2) 2x4, cut (2) 2x2, cut (1) 2x8
Yellow: cut (2) 2x8, cut (4) 2x4, cut (8) 2x3.5, cut (16) 2x5

Stitch together the 8 inch pieces: (purple, yellow, red) and (red, yellow, print)
Stitch together the 4 inch pieces: (yellow, print, yellow), (yellow, purple, yellow) and (purple, print)

Sub-cut into 2 inch strips.  Sew a 4-patch from the purple/print and 9-patch blocks from the remaining strips using the photo as a guide.

The remaining pieces are assembled into strips, then joined together. 

There is plenty of the yellow and the print fabrics, and some red, but not quite enough to go all the way around.  Not a speck of the purple or green left.  Time to get creative!

So that's what is on my design wall today.
Now that I have photos taken and posted it's time to check in with Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.

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