Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A plan in place

Orphan blocks, sorted by size
After several days of puzzling with some orphan block pieces, a plan is in place.  I appreciate the input from several of you - Thanks so much!  It's nice to have a second, and third opinion.  And when it comes to designing quilt blocks, every solution is a good one!

First, I finished making the largest triangles into whole Roman Stripe blocks. Then, I sorted the orphan triangles by size.  The larger ones were cut in half, which gave me one vertical and one horizontal striped triangle.  
These didn't come from the same triangle,
but you get the idea of how I cut them.

Adding some medium grey to the vertically striped triangles gave me Flying Geese blocks to use in a pieced border for the black Roman Stripe blocks.  Can you believe I hunted for just the right shade of red border fabric at no less than three large fabric stores and came up empty?  Then found just what I needed in my own stash at home!
Auditioning pieced border on Black Roman Stripe
There were some orphan triangles that were just not going to work for Flying Geese.  Where did they end up?  In my first try at 8-inch string blocks!  See those reds and blacks in the corners?
This has been a fun puzzle, and took me in directions I didn't expect.  Do you have an orphan block project on your list this summer?

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