Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June finishes

Several small quilts were finished up in June, and lots of progress made quilting queen-sized Lazy Sunday.  That's the big UFO I'm working hard to finish.  Looking forward to that being done and on the bed in July!
doll quilt
 A scrappy little doll quilt and Pam Buda's Starburst just had hand stitching the bindings to finish - and they are now done.  Another small quilt is done and I'll hand sew the binding over the holiday.  Look for that photo on the 4th!

The Roman Stripe quilts from orphan blocks are pinned and ready to quilt too, so there are more finishes ahead this summer.

By the numbers:  Looks like I can deduct 5.5 yards from my stash log for June, but I had a couple great fabric finds this month too, so.... for the year my stash has grown 10 yards.  (Although 8 yards of that is a gold print flannel that will be backings for quilts someday.)

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