Thursday, June 18, 2015

Find of the week

Our daughter was visiting for a few days and of course we had to do a little shopping.  We were looking for rubber stamps which she uses for card making at the second-hand store.  I wandered over to the small rack of fabrics and look what I found!

Marimekko fabric from Finland.  Almost 2 1/2 yards of this lovely blue print called Tulipunainen for a mere $4. It will make a lovely backing for a medium size quilt, or perhaps a very nice border on a larger quilt.  Lots of possibilities!  I took a quick peek on line and found a red and a green version.  They sold for $20 per yard, so I'm doing my happy dance today.

And while we're together, here's a peek at my blocks so far from the Temecula Quilt Company's summer sew-along.
2015 summer sew along weeks 1 and 2

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  1. Wow--what an awesome fabric find! Your blocks are looking pretty cute!