Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1905 doll quilt

This week I've been working on a replica of a doll quilt in the Bloomington Historical Society collection.  Isn't is cute?  It will be about 25 inches square when it's done.  The original quilt was made in 1905 by Mrs. Valentine Haeg. 

Now Bloomington may be a city of over 80,000, but it's a small world.  Mrs. Haeg's grandson and his family lived a block or so from my parents. (I actually think I babysat her great grandchildren one time.)

As you can see there's one more row of half square triangles to finish up.  It's not hard for me to make replica quilts like this, but writing down directions so someone else can understand how to do it is not an easy task.  I certainly have a greater appreciation for anyone who has made patterns or written book of quilt patterns!

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