Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another little quilt from 1905

Here is another little doll quilt from the Bloomington Historical Society.  It's a little blue and red checkerboard. The original was made by Mrs. Valentine Haeg in about 1905.

It's made with four-patch blocks.  Some are red and light blue, and a few are red and white.  She must have used scraps.  Her top border is a different tan plaid fabric than the other three border pieces, and there are at least two light blues.

This week I worked on a pattern and made up a prototype.  Don't you just love it!?  I made this one larger than the original 12 block quilt, by adding another row of four-patches across and down. 

It's been fun working on small quilts this year.  It's something I've never done before. 

Next week's project....finish quilting the borders on MQ6 that I set aside August 1st before we had my cousins come for a summer visit.

Take a look at what other quilters are up to this week at confessions of a fabric addict.  I really enjoy looking at the links each week!


  1. YOur little quilt above is so sweet. Aren't quilts with history fun? I recently unearthed a doll quilt my great grandmother made for my mom when she was very small.

  2. What a treasure! I don't make my quilts to be heirlooms, but I often wonder what someone would think if they came across one 100 years from now. I think the different fabrics in the one you found add to the charm of it!

  3. Such a beautiful little mini quilt - and a wonderful way to experience history! Whoop whoop!!