Saturday, September 15, 2012

Heritage Days 2012 Quiltathon

Today was the big day.   The Bloomington Heritage Days was today.  We loaded up the van with quilts, donned period costume and headed over for a long day at the Historical Society Area. 

It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky.  The breeze made sitting for hours in the sun tolerable, but it kept blowing the foam quilt tiles off the table.  Only about 25 kids had a chance to design quilt squares before we got tired of chasing errant pieces taken by the wind and packed them away.

But the bright colors attracted a nice steady stream of visitors.  The Double Irish Chain on the long quilting frame was popular, and there were many nice compliments on the Flag quilt we hung in the crabapple tree.  I was able to use one of the first quilts I made as a good example of how fabric deteriorates and fades over time.  It's a good thing I couldn't bring myself to throw it out long ago.

I was able to finish hand stitching the binding on the reproduction doll quilt about a half hour before we packed up for the day at 6pm.  My wonderful niece, Sara, helped out and demonstrated hand quilting on a smaller oval quilt frame.  It was her first time hand quilting, and she did a great job.  Wish I had a photo of her to share, but I think it's on her camera. 

Here I am working on that little 1905 doll quilt reproduction.  Can you believe I had it all done, quilted and ready for binding, when last night I noticed an entire row of half square triangles was facing the wrong way!  Can you find it in the photo?  Well, they sure weren't coming back out!  It will just have to give 'authenticity' to the quilt.

But the day wore me out entirely, and I'm off to bed as soon as I link up with Judy's Quiltathon report at Patchwork Times. 

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