Thursday, September 27, 2012

Silver Anniversary quilt: Kindergarten

Kindergarten Block

September brings autumn leaves and the students head back to school.  I remember taking photos of our children on their first day of kindergarten, all excited to be heading off on a new adventure.  It's a big step for the students, but perhaps even bigger for the parents to let go and see them take those first steps off into the world.

And so, the traditional Kindergarten Block finds it's way into our Anniversary Quilt. 

The block is similar to 'Tennessee' from Nancy Page, but the colors are reversed.  Marcia Hohn has a free pattern that you can find here.  I used plaid fabric from the school uniforms.  It's not cotton, but has way more memories.  The center of the block should be white, but my sister-in-law had given me a cute print when she was moving and reducing her stash.  I fussy-cut the school house to put in my center block. 

Use your children's school colors for this block.  The center can be light, or maybe you can find a fabric that shows their school mascot.

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