Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Quiltathon


replica of 1905 doll quilt by Mrs. Valentine Haeg
Bloomington Historical Society collection

I have a couple of busy quilting days planned, so I think I'll join in on Judy's Quiltathon.  This morning I finished up the remaining three rows of half-square-triangles for the 1905 replica doll quilt. 

It took a little longer than I thought.  I wasn't paying attention a couple of times and sewed the wrong side of a pair of block together.  Rip Rip Rip. 

By lunch time I had finished the top, pieced together a couple of scraps for the batting, cut the back and quilted it all up.  I'm leaving the binding for Saturday.  I'll be demonstrating quilting at the Heritage Day Festival in the Bloomington Historical Society tent.  They expect 20,000 people from the sounds of things.  That will be a much bigger audience that I ever expected.
Yesterday I cut up some foam sheets into 3 inch blocks and half squares for a hands-on project at the festival .  Kids can make up quilt blocks and see what happens when they change colors or values. 
This afternoon, after a trip to the grocery store (noticed at lunch we're low on milk), I need to sandwich a quilt for hand quilting demonstrating.   I'm going to use a quilt top I made last spring as part of an internet blog hop.  I decided to use it for a tablecloth, so I'm just putting white flannel on the back and no batting.  Sometimes the batting is just fluffy enough to cause stemware to tip, so I'm going to try just two layers.  The quilting deisgns have to be marked first.  I found a pretty design by Hari Walner called Leaves Entwined that I plan to use for the open yellow blocks.  To make it more stable I'll machine quilt or baste it together, and then it will fit into the round quilting hoop that I'm going to bring on Saturday.  Hope I can get it all done!

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  1. Thanks for doing the demo at the Heritage Day Festival. You never know who may see the demo and decide to become a quilter. Glad you got so much sewing accomplished today. I also noticed that we're about out of milk! :(