Sunday, November 25, 2012

Denim Sunday

If retailers can have Black Friday and Cyber Monday then I can have Denim Sunday.

Sunday afternoon and evening I tackled my overflowing boxes of old denim jeans while my Hubby watched some football.  The trash can is full of denim scraps, but I somehow still seem to have three boxes of denim left.  How is that possible?  Well, at least they aren't as full as they used to be.  But after all that work you'd think I'd at least be down to only two boxes!

What I have now is one box of jeans yet to be deconstructed.  One box of denim yardage that will be used as linings or alternate blocks in a denim quilt (and three pairs of  'odd' jeans that weren't made of regular denim.)  And a box with my deconstructed 'parts.' 

I cut out two more Christmas stockings and set aside three good 'legs' for denim aprons.  There is a denim apron on pintrest that I'd like to make.

There are 5 quart bags of cut squares.  9 inch for potholders, 4 and 8 inch for Drunkard's Path and Fourpatch quilts and 3 and 6 inch for another quilt pattern plan.  There is also a bag with the side seam strips which make good hanging loops for the Christmas stockings and straps for tote bags.  Another bag has sections of waistbands with the front button closure.  Those I use on tote bags as well.  Finally, there's a stack of pocket sections, jeans tops for purses and other 'parts' that might be useful for tote bags.

Looks like Denim projects are on this week's sewing schedule for me.  What's on the schedule for you?

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