Thursday, November 29, 2012

Demin week

 Lots happening this week with my box of old Blue Jeans.  Cut out lots of potholders to give as holiday gifts.  The tutorial can be found at Lynn's blog Nebraska Views.  Here's my stack ready to go into the washing machine.    When they're washed and dried the edges will fluff up like this one:

Then I made an apron out of one blue jean leg.  Good thing Hubby has a long inseam - 36 inches.  This was super easy to make.  Cut one leg off an old pair of blue jeans that is still in good shape.  Both the inseam and sideseam need to be the same type of seam. The front of the bottom cuff needs to be good - not frayed - and the knee can't be worn out.  I must admit, I only found 2 pairs in the box that met that criteria!

Match the seams and pin them together. Cut down the center of the back of the leg. 

Measure from your underarm to your waist - 10 inches for me.  Measure that distance down along the cut you just made from the jean's hem. 

Make a diagonal cut from that point to a point about an inch outside the sideseam.  Remove the pins and open up the apron.

The last step is to sew binding around the raw edges, leaving enough to go around your neck.  The ties at the waist can be made of denim, or binding.  I made my own binding out of a 3 inch strip of fabric and pressed a double fold.  I put on a pocket because they come in handy, and am thinking of a little embroidery at the top of the 'bib'.

Of course, a new apron calls for some baking!
Pumpkin spice muffins hot out of the oven. 
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