Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mountain Trail top

Finished up the top for Mountain Trail! 

I only made a few changes.  Instead of 1-1/4 inch strips I used the 1-1/2 inch scraps I had on hand and already cut. 

The red diagonal has been changed to black becaue I didn't have enough red cut that size but I had black.

The red border (cut 4-1/2 inches) goes all around instead of just two sides.  Oh, and it looks like I put light in the corners instead of dark to avoid one place at the end where two of the same color ended up next to each other.

OK, I guess that's more than a 'few' changes.  (giggles)

My finished top is 32x38 inches, so it will make a nice baby quilt or lap quilt!

Here's where I found the free pattern:  Humble Quilts.

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  1. I'm so glad you sent me the link! I love the black centers!!! And you've made it yours, so I love it even more!!

  2. I really love it with the black squares instead of red. Stands out very nicely.

  3. Your little quilts are just wonderful. :) I too really like Lori's quilt with black instead of red. :) Great job.

  4. It's sriking with the black squares. Beautiful!

  5. It looks fabulous with the black squares and the red borders. Love it.

  6. Oh, why didn't I use black squares? I love how yours came out.

  7. Very, very pretty -- I like how you personalized it to fit your needs and make it your own!! :)

  8. I like that you mixed it up a bit with the black instead of red. Turned out really good!

  9. it's a great little quilt and i love the use of the black~!