Friday, November 2, 2012

Finished by Friday

Well, here it is.  The watercolor quilt made with Grandma's old drapes.  Not my best effort, but this is the first time I've tried this technique.  The pattern is from Quick Watercolor Quilts by Dina Pappas.  It's a nice wall hanging size at 26 inches.

And I tried a few other new things as well.  My first time doing stippling for the quilting, and the first time I've tried a Magic Binding technique to give a small pink accent strip around the binding.  Don't know what got into me to try so many new things all at once.

There were lots of lighter color blocks left, so the next try will be a wreath using the lighter colors.  I laid out the blocks last night.  It will look different when the 1/4 inch seams are sewn.

Linking up with other quilters motivates me to keep going and not set a project aside when I have difficulty.  It also gives me a reason to post something to my little blog.  It's amazing that QuiltAwhile has had over 6,000 views now, and only started in March of this year.  Thanks to everyone - it's so encouraging to have you visit me at QuiltAwhile!

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  1. I love watercolor quilts and yours are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful colors!