Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week's Projects

There are a couple projects on for this week.  Both are small quilts.

First there is Mountain Trail which I found on Humble Quilts recently.  My 1 1/4 inch scraps are all going to a Chinese Coins quilt, so I dug into the 1 1/2 inch bag and my blocks will be slightly larger than Lori's.  Didn't have a quantity of good reds, so used black instead.  I was worried a little, but it's turning out just fine.  I think I'll have just enough of the black, though I might have to search some of the larger scrap bags and cut down another strip to get the last few blocks done.

The other project is a Little Amish Quilt from Sentimental Quilter.  It's Kathleen Tracy's November small quilt.  This one has been a problem.  The only solids I had in the right scrap size were an old  jade green and a pink that was even older.  The pink was 35 inches wide - so that tells you it's pretty old!  Probably before my time.  How long ago was it that they switched to 45 inch wide fabric?
First I made it up and had the pink running as the main diagonal and a solid light yellow for the alternate blocks.  It looked awful!

So while the Vikings were being ripped apart on the playing field by Seattle, I was ripping out quilt blocks.  The green on the diagonal is a little better, and I found a print that had both the pink and green in it for the alternate blocks.  Still not great, but a lot better.  It probably needs another border as an anchor.  I'm on the hunt for more black fabric and linking up with  Patchwork Times.

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