Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ghostly Gallery finished!

In the 'Better late than never' category - or maybe in the 'Really early for next year' category - I finshed up Ghostly Gallery.  Who cares if it's two weeks past Halloween.  It's not a UFO - it's Finished!

The pattern is by Whimsicals and I found it in June at a used booksale that benefits our local police department. It's an adorable pattern.

I wish my camera didn't make everything look so blurry when I reduce the size.  (It's not just my glasses is it?)  Someday I'll figure it out.  Perhaps over Thanksgiving when our son is home for a few days.  He's the one who got me to start a blog in the first place last March.

I am amazed that there have been over 7,000 page views already!  Many thanks to everyone for stopping by QuiltAwhile and for your wonderful and encouraging comments.  There's nothing like hearing from you to boost my spirits and keep me excited about quilting. 

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  1. A finish is a finish no matter when and you should proudly show it off. I take pretty rubbish photo's and really envy those clever people who take amazingly clear shots. Your photo is fine. I can see clearly that it is a fun quilt.

  2. That is cool. I have a haloween project that is going into that same catagory.