Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Candles

In all the hustle-bustle of retail Christmas whatever happened to Advent?  That time of year we wait in joyful hope.  That time of year we prepare our hearts as well as our homes.  That time of year we light one candle, then another, and the light of faith in our darkness grows brighter each week.

Star of the East Advent Candles - original design by Jean at QuiltAwhile
Saturday night I couldn't get to sleep - too much chocolate before bed I think.(wink)   I was dreaming about making a quilt and this is what it looked like.  I sketched it up yesterday and headed for the scrap basket.  The result is this 17 inch square wall hanging.  (The dark greens under the candles don't show up too well in this photo.)  The star in the corner is a traditional block called Star of the East. Appropriate, don't you think?  I just had to put it into the open spot in the corner and it balanced the candles nicely. 

Wishing you the peace and joy of Advent this year.

Friday update:  Linking up with other quilters this week at  and .  You should take a look at all the other wonderful holiday quilts that follks have completed this week!


  1. Very pretty wall hanging. You are certainly fast -- dream it, draw it and sew it up!! The star is very appropriate. Nice work.

  2. I often dream about quilts :) This is really lovely, thanks for sharing.

  3. I can imagine a series of quilts, each with one more candle lit to use as we progress through Advent. I like your quilt very much.