Saturday, December 1, 2012

Easy Street and Bison Football

Spending the afternoon working on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt and listening to the NDSU/SDSU playoff football game on my computer.  Several family members are at NDSU or have graduated from there in the past few years, so I've become a Bison fan.

I'm finally getting started on Easy Street.  Thank you, Bonnie, for not using the full two yards of grey called for in your original instructions!  My black-on-white substitute is navy-on-white and I wanted to use a shade of blue in place of the original grey. But, I just was not coming up with a satisfactory 2 yard piece to use.  So I stalled, and stalled...

Then in the second installment, Bonnie wrote that not all the grey was used.  So I did some math, and broke into some fabrics I had set aside for a different quilt.  Found a great piece of dark blue and had just enough.  Only a 4 inch strip left over!


  1. Looking good...I was a little dissapointed that all of our grey was 'done' with step one...I really like my 'grey'...but there is always a border...or binding...or heck..another quilt! LOL