Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Christmas Shopping

While everyone else may have been out exchanging Christmas gifts, or using up those Gift Cards, I headed for my favorite little fabric store, 50% off coupon in hand!

My two darling great-nieces are going to get new twin quilts and today I picked up wonderful fabrics in pinks and greens for the project.  I'm not certain of the pattern yet, perhaps hour glass blocks greens in one direction and pinks in the other.  At any rate, they will be scrappy and so 1/2 yard of this and 1 yard of that made up a nice assortment.  And what quilter can pass up 50% off all the fabric when there's a big project to do?

Now, the bad news on the pocketbook is that I bought fabric not only for the girls' two twin quilts, but also bought some wonderful grey-greens and whites for a queen/king wedding quilt that needs to be done before July as well.  So, add 25 yards to the stash for today.  Not to worry, most of that will be all sewn into quilts by spring.  I promise!

Here are the 'greens.'  They do look pink in some cases, but the backgrounds are all a light green.  Not sure about the top left, but I felt I might need a large print here and there to give a pop of interest.  The large print that went with the collection was too large in scale.

Here are the 'pinks.'  The stripe fabric is for the quilt binding.  The camera makes the top row of fabrics look redder than they really are.  Both photos were taken in natural light and so the flash didn't go off.  It is interesting to see how a photo of the fabric looks different from my impression of the fabric color in a few cases.  My brain says the greens are brighter than they look in the photo, and that the cream is too yellow - but it looks like it would work in the photo.

Many of the fabrics are from the Savannah collection from Fabri-Quilt.  I was a little concerned that there were an awful lot of 'medium' values.  So I added fabrics on the very light and dark ends of the spectrum.

I'll be posting my progress, so stay tuned!

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