Friday, January 10, 2014

A Bunny Trail... or two, or more...

Hopping down bunny trails.  That's what my friend calls it when she gets distracted from her current project and starts something new.  I've been down a couple Bunny Trails this week.  Just can't seem to stay focused on either Celtic Solstice, or my niece's wedding quilt which will be called Love in Bloom.

Down one bunny trail I was this little 14 inch quilt.  It uses two dozen of the tiny bonus HST's from Celtic Solstice chevrons and will make a very nice gift when I need one.

I didn't take photos of the whole process, but it isn't hard to figure out by looking at the completed top. Here's what I used to make it:
(cutting measurements)

1.  24 bonus yellow/green HST's squared up at 1.25 inches.
2. Four 3 inch square scrap blocks with at least some green and yellow in the print.
3.  Four 1.25 inch yellow squares for the corners.
4.  Four brown sashing pieces 1.5 x 3.5 inches, and one 1.5 inch square yellow center block.
5.  Brown borders 1.5 inches wide, yellow border 1 inch wide and dark green border 2 inches wide.

Down another bunny trail were Redwork snowmen.
I stitched up these practice snowmen in November when I used the embroidery patterns to make more dish towels for the Ashland Museum Gift Shop.  I made a half dozen 5 inch finished sampler blocks in red and white to alternate and TA DA!

I picked the blocks because they looked a bit like snowflakes.  They are: Sister's Choice, Whirling Five Patch , Single Wedding Ring, Tea Party, Mrs. Kellor's 9-Patch and Handy Andy.

The only problem is that the old shirting fabric, which came from my mother's stash, has vertical stripes.   I think it looks a bit like the naughty little snowmen are all in jail!  Perhaps I should have oriented the stripes horizontally before I embroidered.  Too late now!  I'll get used to it.

Don't you love the little red cornerstones?  That's because I ran out of the grey border fabric.  Happy accident!

Then, I made the mistake of looking around on line at blogs again.  Judy at Patchwork Times is hosting a Scrappy Block of the Month.  Here's my 9-inch block:

And Kathleen Tracy at A Senitmenal Quilter has posted a photo of her January small quilt.  Had to make that too.  Look familiar?  It's the same basic idea as the first quilt at the top of this post, but this one finished at 25 inches:

Seriously, I need to get back on track.   In between all these side-tracks I truly have been chipping away at the Love in Bloom wedding quilt. I think today I will finish the last of the 25 blocks and can start lay out and pinning rows together!  Woo Hoo!


  1. Thanks for sharing your bonus triangle projects. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone on the bunny trails of life!! Hugs, Allison in Plano

  2. Love all of your blocks and quilts. Look what happens when you hop down the bunny trail! Beautiful things come of it. Happy Hopping!