Monday, January 20, 2014

First Finish

The binding is on the first two quilts finished in 2014!

Redwork Snowmen Sampler is 22x27 and made with 5 inch finished blocks.  I tried something new while quilting this one.  I traced a stippling pattern from a template onto tissue paper, then laid the tissue paper on top of the quilt and quilted right through both.  I pulled the paper off afterward and it worked pretty well.  I need to get the hang of stippling in order to quilt the next step on the Chinese Coins and Lanterns wedding quilt.  This was good practice, but I need more.  The grey border is quilted in a triple zig-zag in the grey border, and the outer black border has simple free motion loops.

Little Bear Paw is 13 1/2 inches square and made from some of the trimmed triangles from Celtic Solstice, which is still in piecing stage.  The quilting on this is mostly stitch-in-the-ditch, with a simple twist cable in the green border.  This was inspired by a Kathleen Tracy quilt design, but mine has one more 'claw' on each side of the bear paw blocks.

After binding these I have used up 5.75 yards this year so far from my stash!

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