Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowy finish

Heavy snowfall all morning helped set the mood to work on a Christmas quilt, even though the holidays are past.  Today I finished up the quilting on Decade the Halls, a free pattern by the Fat Quarter Shop.  I practiced free motion stippling in the background with some success, but my stitches are still very uneven.  Just can't get the hang of it yet, but I'll keep trying.  Took advantage of the fresh snow for an outdoor photo.  And took another inside which doesn't look as grey.

In other news, I got a call last night from the Bloomington Historical Society and they would like me to give a public presentation on the Album quilt in their collection in July.  That will mean more research and writing time ahead and less quilting. I'll really need to budget my time!  Celtic Solstice is half finished, and three wedding quilts are in the works in various stages.  So much to do!  I barely get one thing going when a new adventure pops into view.  2014 promises to be interesting around here.

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