Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating a little heat

It's a bitter cold start to 2014 outdoors here in Minnesota.  Way below freezing!  But indoors the sewing machine is kicking up some heat.  The first flimsy of the year is done.  It's made from four orphan blocks leftover from this quilt which I made for DD way back in 2001.

I've titled this one Ribbons and Roses. Tiny ribbons and roses are featured in the navy fabrics. The pattern was in McCall's Quilting - Quick Quilts winter 1998/99 and designed by Barbara Bennett.  size 83x101 and machine quilted with diagonal lines.

Four of the large 9-patch blocks were left over, and I came across them while I was doing a little straightening up.  I've never tried a Disappearing Nine-Patch and thought I'd try it out.  I cut the blocks through the center, vertically and horizontally, then flipped the two diagonally opposing pieces and sewed them back together.

A couple simple borders and ... ta da!  A 30 inch square doll quilt top.  The plan is to use flannel from an old set of flannel bed sheets for the batting and backing.

The other projects I've been working on are more blocks for my niece's wedding quilt : up to 15 finished now.
Celtic Solstice blocks.  All the pieces to block A "54 40 or fight" were completed, so today I sewed up all 24 of those blocks.  I really feel a sense of accomplishment, even though there's a lot yet to do for block B.  My chevrons are half done, and I haven't yet started assembling step 5, though the pieces are cut.  

Staying indoors and sewing while the sunshine streams through the windows is just the perfect thing to do on a frosty day!

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