Monday, January 6, 2014

Pressing issues

Celtic Solstice is coming along beautifully.  All my 54-40 or Fight blocks are complete! Don't you love the little gold shamrocks in some of the green blocks?

 Now I'm turning to the alternate block and came across a snag.  Apparently I pressed my pinwheel blocks in such a way that the seam allowances 'spin' in the opposite direction from Bonnie Hunter's. Small problem.

But, not critical.  My saving grace is that I still haven't completed the Chevron blocks.  After making the first three Chevron blocks I could tell that they will not nest right with the pinwheels, so I'll need to re-press each side of the Chevrons before I put them together.  That should do it!  I don't think it will affect how the rest of the block goes together.

Linking up with Quiltville to share my Celtic Solstice progress.

Not as much sewing got done this weekend as I had hoped.  I've come down with something like bronchitis.  Naps and extra fluids have been on the agenda for me.   Outside it's sunny and bitter cold.  Tomorrow will  be colder here than at the North Pole (in January!)  I guess that gives us bragging rights, but that's some serious cold!  High will be -14 F with strong winds bringing wind chills to -50 F.  The closed the schools for a day.  Happy kids here!  Won't last long though.  Back to merely freezing by next weekend.  We are a hardy bunch, and are making good use of all our quilts this week!

I wonder if my friends in London are having a mild spell. Hope so! The weather trends there often are the opposite of what we have here.  And DS may be sent to Thailand again for work.  He'll get some warm weather there!  sigh.

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  1. That block is beautiful! Sorry to read you're not very well :( with those temperatures, you definitely need to wrap up warm and have a hot toddy (or two!) London is very wet and windy but not too cold - thankfully, no flooding where we live but it has been dreadful for some folk :(