Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilting in the cold

It's so very cold here in Minnesota this week.  In fact, the whole month has been Arctic!  We're on track for the coldest January in over 30 years, and in Minnesota, that's saying something.  Low tonight -20F and very windy, so -35 wind chills.  The kids are all happy they have had no school today or tomorrow because of the cold.  Frost bite in less than 10 minutes, so it's dangerous for them to be out at the bus stop waiting for the morning school bus.

But in all this cold, what else is there to do but pull out a nice quilt and get to work quilting?  Today I finished up Kathleen Tracy's small quilt challenge for January.  Four bear paw blocks with a little sashing.  This one finished at 23 inches square.

I'm using these small quilts to practice my quilting.  I'm using combinations of straight lines with a walking foot and free motion.  I'm trying several marking methods as well.  I have a couple of wedding quilts to finish, and I'm trying to brush up and improve my quilting skills before I tackle those next month.  It's coming along.

Next up is quilting Decade the Halls.

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